When i created @maps_affinity back in 2019 i was using other softwares and websites for creating visualisations and maps.

One of the reason i love Choropleth Maps is it really is the one of the "easiest" to understand for anyone. Visualizaion data can be thought about in many different levels of analysis, from general overall patterns to the detection of details.

Back in 2019 December i found this amazing page , the content that was publised there was very unique and later got to know that most of the Visualizaion curated were done with the help of Programming.

This is when i got inspired and decided i would be trying my hands on programming and i started in May 2020 took a break,wrote a lots code build some web application / libraries.

I loved curating Choropleth Maps and now i knew how to Code. The best way to pursue both of my intrests was to do something that combines these.

Yes a software that lets you develop these Maps !

I have tried and failed to build this twice (Aug 2020 , Jan 2021) : failed in the sense the end product wasn't scalable enough to be continued.

I revived the project again in May 2021 and started to build it from scratch. And yeah it was coming together pretty good i continued building and got a great feedback and decided i would launch it.

Inspirations to Build this: