A Comprehensive lists of the new features, enhancements, bugs, and other changes in reverse chronological order for each version of a project.

0.4.0-alpha10th June 2021
New Examples Added
France , Italy , USA Counties , World Mercator
Highlight Colors Already used in Palette
0.3.0-alpha6th June 2021
Swap with Preact on Production
Introducing Europe Detailed , South Korea , Egypt
Merging SVG Paths
0.2.0-alpha3rd June 2021
Remove Light Mode , add Version Tag
Introducing Argentina , Nigeria , Japan
Adding Source Value to Legend
0.1.0-alpha1st June 2021
Export Maps in SVG & PDF Format
Adding Contributions Page
Clicking on Landing Page World Map would route to Country's Map to Edit it
Remove Redundant SVG tag
Labels SVG Fill / Stroke Issue
0.0.0-alpha1st June 2021
Releasing Alpha Version for Limited Users